Government Data and the Invisible Hand

A group of academics at Princeton University in the US has published a very interesting paper called ‘Government Data and the Invisible Hand’.

This quote from the Abstract gives a sense of its strong alignment with the Power of Information thinking in the UK:

Today, government bodies consider their own websites to be a higher priority than technical infrastructures that open up their data for others to use. We argue that this understanding is a mistake. It would be preferable for government to understand providing reusable data, rather than providing websites, as the core of its online publishing responsibility.

Richard Allan, Task Force Chair



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4 responses to “Government Data and the Invisible Hand

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  2. Designing & Building a website solely cannot be a
    solution for governmnet, unless and until govt.
    has a dedicated team to channelize that information into an Information Sysytem which
    should be relevant to a group, community, region
    or which can address the needs of people living
    in a particular area. I am working on this so called
    “IS” system and I am planning to target every family and Businesses in a Specific area. I did my
    Dissertation which is very close to what government is asking here, in my MBA and
    extended the same topic in Phd. I am now working
    on a Business model which can not only offer its
    usefulness to govt., but can be monitized with
    sponsors and Advertisers similar to Search Engines
    and social networking websites…

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