Local Government Web 2.0

NCC has published a useful article on Web 2.0 in local government.

This points to some interesting reference sites and then offers a set of guidance for local government on using Web 2.0 technologies.

The Task Force recognises that much of the most interesting data for citizens is held by local rather than central government.  We are looking at some of the policy issues around a power of information approach in local government and will share this via the blog soon.

Richard Allan, Task Force Chair


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3 responses to “Local Government Web 2.0

  1. I did give a mention to the POI Worforce in the article. The original also included a link to the POI website – strangely omitted from the NCC version??

  2. Looking forward to it and agree that some of the most interesting data is held by us in local councils. At Kent CC, we are working to enable people to “pick” publicly available information on our services and “mix” (or mash if you prefer) them with the web tools they already use on the web. In other words, enabling residents to create & share mashups. We will be piloting this v soon, so would be useful to look at what policy issues the Taskforce are focusing on for local gov.

  3. I’m not sure if people are aware, but Socitm, the organisation that represents IT Heads in local authorities, has recently published a major report on Web 2.0. Called Web 2.0: what it is and why it matters, the report describes a wide range of practices and technologies, including user-generated content, video and rich content, networking, file sharing, search and tagging, mash-up, widgets and the rest. The report goes on to discuss the contribution web 2 developments could make to transforming services and enabling engagement with communities.

    Socitm has also set up a web 2 microsite (www.socitmweb2.net) associated with the report, incorporating a blog, forum and other facilities to encourage discussion, feedback, information sharing and networking. Topics currently under discussion include: Is your website a ‘creepy tree-house’? ; Top-level leadership for Web 2.0; New Ideas; Language of Web 2.0; Will Web 2.0 tools be considered for BC 2009?; Elected Member Blogs; SNS Watchlists; Good practice resource; and Security issues accessing Web 2.

    The next edition of Better connected, Socitm’s annual report on the quality of local authority websites will also be covering web 2 developments.

    Socitm would be keen to have a dialogue with the PoI Taskforce around local authorities, re-use of information and other web 2.0 issues – not sure how you are currently engaging with the sector?

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