Report Delivery

We have now produced a beta version of our report back to Government.

This will be open for comments for 2 weeks and we will then make any final edits based on the feedback before presenting this to our sponsoring Minister, Tom Watson MP.

It has been an interesting exercise over the last few weeks putting the report together on a wiki and then publishing it using blogging software (more WordPress) tailored to allow commenting. As a separate exercise we may document the Taskforce’s own working practices for others in government to learn from these (both the positives and the negatives).

Richard Allan, Taskforce Chair



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3 responses to “Report Delivery

  1. I note that Steph Gray has released the customised WordPress theme here:
    …a fine example of data sharing in action.

    I’d welcome a write-up of how you drafted via a wiki.

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  3. When do you come out of beta and delivery the report, Tom?

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