Final Report

We have now published the final version of the Taskforce report and will be circulating this as widely as we can.

The Cabinet Office site where it is published has now been closed for comments but feedback on the report is still welcome here on the blog.

A netvibes panel has also been created to track the #poit tag though this is not exclusive to our work so please ignore other unrelated content that sneaks in.

The next stage is for the government to give an official response to the report through Cabinet Office Minister Tom Watson MP.

Richard Allan, Taskforce Chair



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3 responses to “Final Report

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  2. Good to see “OS-derived data” given a mention. I am currently in discussions with the Pricing and Licensing Team with regard to displaying route lines on the web using Google Maps API. They have stated quite clearly, both in person in a meeting and in emails, that they consider routes derived from the TeleAtlas mapping used by Google to be also derived from OS data.

    This has two implications: (1) Anyone using the Google Maps API to define UK locations technically owes OS a minimum of £5,000 per annum for a CWS licence to display the data on the web. (2) It is not allowed to display such data using the Google Maps API unless you buy a commercial licence from Google at £6,000 per annum so that you can negotiate terms that are acceptable to OS.

    Should every site that uses Google Maps in the UK be required to pay £11,000 per annum just to fix the “derived data” problem?

    They appreciate that this means that, technically, almost every user of the Google Maps API for UK locations is breaking OS terms. “I am liaising with colleagues as to the approach we take for Google created routes”, my contact said today.

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