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Opening Up Legislative Bodies

There are a number of projects around the world aimed at opening up the legislative process through creative re-use of the records produced by parliaments, congresses etc. It is worth looking at some of these power of information exemplars.

UK – TheyWorkForYou.com

US – OpenCongress.org

EU – IPPR-MEP.eu (How MEPs Work)

Australia – OpenAustralia.org

There are some interesting lessons to take away from the approaches taken by each project to sourcing, mixing and presenting data.



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Crime Mapping – proof of concept

The Taskforce has been investigating what an ideal crime map might look like. Rather than a ‘fear of crime map’ how could one show the trends in crime in someone’s area and on the same screen provide information about police priorities in your neighbourhood and a one click connection to local police. That is providing information and reassurance alongside hard data.

The slideshow shows proof of concept mockups. We would welcome any suggestions from the GIS or policiing community (or indeed anyone else) on how these could be improved and their strengths and weaknesses


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