Taskforce Membership

The taskforce has the following membership:

Richard Allan (Chair)
Tom Steinberg (MySociety)
Tom Loosemore (OFCOM)
Sally Russell (Netmums)
Richard Sargeant (Google)
Alex Allan (Cabinet Office)
Andrew Stott (Cabinet Office)
Natalie Ceeney (National Archives)

William Perrin (Cabinet Office)
Richard Stirling (Cabinet Office)
Alex Butler (Central Office of Information)
John Sheridan (Office of Public Sector Information)


3 responses to “Taskforce Membership

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  3. Whilst this is likely to be -slightly- more relevant than the Carter Report (no great feat), it’s still more maundering by the great and the good about what they’re preparing to inflict on the proles.

    The key is in the language ‘delivery’, ‘web 2.0’ ‘mashup’, for example. One can see that these people are in love with themselves, technology and care less about actual substance. Also,, what’s Google doing in there? (although I know that Microsoft invented NHS connecting for health, on the back of an envelope via Neal Holloway!).

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