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Ordnance Survey Proposals

The Ordnance Survey has now published proposals to make changes to the way it makes its data available in a new Business Strategy.

The key aims are described by the OS as:

Within this framework, it has been agreed with Ministers to focus the business around five key areas. These are:

1. Promote innovation for economic benefit and social engagement
2. Increase the use of Ordnance Survey data
3. Support the sharing of information across the whole of the public sector
4. Increase efficiency to develop a sustainable business for the future
5. Enhance value through the creation of an innovative trading entity

The overall aim of this new business strategy is to provide the best balance between making information more widely available and creating a sustainable future for Ordnance Survey and the wider market.

The document is open for comment and is already attracting some interesting feedback.

Richard Allan, Taskforce Chair



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