International Development Blogging

I have spent some time looking at the Department for International Development blogging site and am impressed by the way it operates.

The terms and conditions it sets out for users are very clear.

The use of mapping is good, especially given the wide geographical scope of potential posters.

It offers RSS feeds in a clear and prominent way.

And the posts so far have managed to hit a good blog tone of mixing personal impresssions with substantive content.

Well done, DFID.

Richard Allan, Task Force Chair



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2 responses to “International Development Blogging

  1. What’s been really nice is how (virtually) everyone involved has blogged about how they did their bit. And we’ve even ‘open sourced’ some of the bespoke (WordPress) plugins commissioned to deliver the site exactly how we wanted.

    Simon Dickson, project lead
    Simon Wheatley, WordPress specialist
    Shane McCracken, coaching lead
    Griff Wigley, blog coach
    Dave Briggs, digital mentor
    Plugin details at

  2. I wasn’t involved but have also blogged about what I liked about this project. I agree that the tone is spot on, and I love the fact that a minister commented on one of the official’s posts. Cracking stuff.

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