Washington DC Competition and Data Catalog

The District of Columbia in the US is running an interesting competition called AppsForDemocracy along similar lines to our ShowUsABetterWay competition.

Entries are requested for innovations using data that is being offered by the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO).

The data is really well presented in a Data Catolog.  This appears to be both very comprehensive and user-friendly fulfilling the requirements we have set out here for an Access Layer.

The Terms of Use are also interesting as they simply add some extra terms specific to RSS feeds and data files onto the normal terms and conditions for using the public website.    The emphasis in both documents is on disclaimers about information quality and liability rather than on any form of copyright enforcement.

Richard Allan, Task Force Chair



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3 responses to “Washington DC Competition and Data Catalog

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  2. It sounds like you guys did an awesome job with your contest! Everyone is talking about it within my circle here in Washington DC – as you may know we’re running Apps for Democracy right now in the US.

    Our contest wraps up in 14 hours! You can checkout all the live apps here:


    I hope to sync up at some point so we can both learn from our respective efforts. Free free to reach out anytime.


    peter [at] istrategylabs.com

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